Powerful story of life under Saddam Hussein

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This is the story of three women living in the shadow of dictator Saddam Hussein. Huda and Rania were childhood friends in Basra but now live in Baghdad. Ally is the wife of an Australian diplomat assigned to Baghdad. She is searching for information about her mother whom she lost at a very early age.

Huda is forced to inform on Ally, or her son will be forced to join Hussein’s fedayeen. The beauty of Rania’s daughter has come to the attention of Hussein’s secret police. Rania knows she has to get her daughter out of Iraq to protect her from the brutality of Uday Hussein.

The lives of these three courageous women become intertwined as they confront the intricacies of friendship and betrayal under the thumb of Hussein’s puppets.

Full of suspense and beautifully written, this book reflects the terror of living in Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s reign.