Mothers and secrets

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This is a story about mothers and their children. It is also a story about women and their friendships. Our women are Ally, an Australian/American journalist and wife of the deputy ambassador; Huda, a secretary at the Australian embassy and mother to Khalid; and Rania, a sheikh's daughter and mother to Hanan.
Ally is in Iraq as her husband's dependent, but also to seek out her mother's past. Her mother lived in Iraq and told her daughter those were the happiest years of her life. Since she died when Ally was very young, Ally feels this is the only way to get close to her mother.
Huda is tasked by the secret police to get close to Ally and report what she does and who she meets. The secret police hope that Ally will tell Huda things that Iraq can use against America. Everyone thinks Ally is Australian. They don't know she has duel citizenship.
Rania is an artist. She is the one who figures out Ally's citizenship and how they can use that to get their children out of Iraq before bad things happen to them.
Secrets are currency in a repressive regime like Iraq's. Who knows what about whom and who is willing to tell divide the people. Will the women be successful? read this to find out.