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I don't know why but this book just gave me a type of vibe where I knew I just had to read it no matter what. And when I reaky the summary for this book I just felt more intrigued. Like I just knew this book would be so good. I really hoped there was more to read for the summary, but then again it just kept pulling me in more to know more or the details of this book so maybe you didn't need to add more. And honeslty I really liked how it talked about the lives of these women and how they all came together. And just basically their friendship. I feel like this book has a lot of angst which is something I really like. If this book is has a sad I'll probably still read it because it's just that type of book where you know you'll get hurt reading it but you'll still read it. And trust me those types of books are so rare in my own opinion. But to sum it all up I really hope I'll get to read this book it seems like such a good book from the cover to everything.