Lovely Plot

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This book has a promising start. It’s plot brings suspense and mystery. This book brings me joy in hopes that i get to read it. The book also has such vibrant words and sentences that my head has created a movie for me to watch. The plot is bringing me suspense and I love that. I’m nearly on my toes wondering what’s going to happen. I’m so curious as to see what’s going to happen in the book and I want to know why she was beheaded. Did she do something wrong? Was she not doing what she was supposed to? Is the government extremely strict towards its citizens. This plot brings out the worrisome in me, I can’t help but wonder what’s happening and what’s going to continue to happen throughout the book. This book so beautifully written and the cover picture is gorgeous, it reminds me of spring which is absolutely perfect. This books is promising and I would be delighted to read it.