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The story is set in Baghdad during Saddam Hussein's reign, the regime has broken the economy, impoverished its people and rule with an iron fist, spreading fear and alarm in its citizens.

The novel revolves around three women's individual stories. Huda, is a simple village girl who had made a blood oath with her best friend Rania to remain friends forever when they were just little kids. She is working at an Australian embassy despite the suspicion with which the army sees the foreigners and people working for them because there are no jobs anywhere else. When one night the government knocks on her door, asking her to spy on the good natured Deputy Ambassador's wife, Ally, her whole world tilts on its axis. Ally is a passionate reporter and author who came to Baghdad to support her husband and to find out more about her mother, who used to work as a nurse there during 1980's.

The story is beautiful and the words flow effortlessly through the paper making you want to read more and more.