Historical fiction novel

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I couldn't connect with this story at all. I had expected a story between three women and a lovely friendship blossoming between them but I didn't really get that. I liked that all three of them had different situations and were strong, smart in a time of Hussein's rule. I loved the idea around it but it was slow paced. Each one had their strengths and at the end they do come together to join forces and try to escape a certain situation. (Keeping it spoiler free here!)

Also, it kind of reminded me of American Dirt as a white women is writing a POV of Iraqi women. Wilkinson definitely did her research and she did live there. I know this was based off her experience but I don't know how I feel about that. Again, I do think it is well-researched and well written but I wanted more between the women and characters. Overall, I just couldn't connect with this and wasn’t what I expected.