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Thanks so much for the review copy. Book is very suspenseful. Having spent time in Iraq during my time deployed to the Middle East I found this book very intriguing. The cover is gorgeous. The book is set in early 2000s Baghdad, lies and secrets secrets mingle as easily as the smell of apricot blossoms and nargilah smoke. Book teaches a lot about family and the lengths we will go to in order to protect them. The author weaves in fear and distrust into the book. “Two can keep a secret only when one of them is dead,” a character remarks sardonically) we see a lot of scenes of Iraqi life. Characters are created well and the plot is great. I am so grateful for having received a physical copy of the book to go in my ever growing library, thanks again. I know people will really enjoy this book whether they want to learn more about Iraq in the early 2000’s or just enjoy books about friendship and families.