What a story - all the feels

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Oh this book!!!! Martha Teichner was just hitting me in all the feels !!! Such a lovely book based in NewYork and in all its glory - really made me miss our trips there and if you haven’t been it will sell you on going ! More than anything it is a book about friendship and connectedness, a book about the love of and for an animal and how special needs animals are equally, dare I say more, magical ! A story about the love between animals, animals feelings as well as the human emotions of love and loss ! Just such a great read - I knew when I saw it I had to have it and it was perfection!! (I bought this FYI) celadon books thank you for making this available and Martha Teichner thank you for loving dogs and opening your heart to Harry (and others) so many lessons learned and shared - thank you for this story it such a beautifully told work of art. I cannot recommend this enough - read it now