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What a Great Story

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Had to read this book as soon as I received. I love stories about dogs and this one certainly fills the bill. Fell in love with the dogs and the main characters. You just feel you a part of their story and life. I will be passing this book to my 14 year old grand-daughter because I know she will love it also. It is funny and interesting our things and events and meeting people normally happen for a reason--even though you are not aware of that reason at the time. This book is certainly that. And you can fight what you know is going to happen--but what's suppose to be will also happen in the end. And their names are perfect. And it's based upon a true happening/event. And it's even more interesting when one of the characters is a public figure that you probably know of. After reading, you just want to meet all these outstanding people and animals and give them a hug.