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Very well done!

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Martha Teichner is a correspondent for CBS Sunday Morning, but her story here is about her love of bull terriers, and how she agreed to care for a dying woman’s elderly dog, Harry. She already had a bull terrier named Minnie, and an acquaintance approached her when she and Minnie were walking one weekend and asked her to consider taking Harry when his friend Carol could no longer care for the dog. Martha was skeptical—would Minnie accept Harry? Harry was 11 years old and taking several medications—could she deal with his challenges? She and Minnie met Harry and Carol, and agreed. When Carol became too ill to care for Harry, his occasional visits became permanent, and Martha sent her many amusing pictures and videos of the two dogs. A friendship developed between not only the two dogs, but also the two women. Teichner has written a wonderful story about friendship, both canine and human. This book will make you cry!