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A direct to the heart memoir about friends and doing the right thing whenever put in a position to make the choice. It is difficult at times and very touching. One dog mom trying to find a partner for her distressed dog after the loss of their other furbaby. Intertwine this with someone who introduces her to a women who is terminally ill and must find a place for her dog to go after she passes. Thus begins the love story of Harrie and Minnie. A tough subject to broach. Content Disclaimer for anyone that recently lost a pet or a loved one.

This book isn’t just about dogs. It’s about companionship and being there for one another. The sacrifices we make the love we have for another. To put others before ourself. The friendship and connection that was made not just just between Harry and Minnie but their owners themselves, Martha and Carol. An ode one would say to Carol and a memory that will last forever.