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Tender story of love and friendship

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This story was a sweet story of true friendship and love. I love history, especially when it's am event that I know of.... Like September 11. That day will be known forever. Families were broken day, friends and family members did not return home that day....

I loved the writing style by the author. Martha Teichner did a wonderful job. It was easy to read, and it pulled my emotions into the story where I'm still thinking about Harry and Minnie.

These 2 dogs will have a special place in my heart. They are loyal and loving as is known of the bull terrier breed, and they complete each other. They support their "humans" especially thru the loss of one due to effects from the 9/11 fallout. A topic that I don't think many people think of.

This story is must have for the family book shelf. It's got all the themes that will improve ones perspective on the journey of life.