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Sad but beautiful true story

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It wasn’t supposed to be this way, but when Carol found out she was critically ill she wanted the best for Harry, her dear bull terrier. Martha was walking her dog, Minnie, also a bull terrier, at the farmer’s market on a Saturday morning. A gentleman approached her and told her about Harry. With his information, she left to consider if this was even a possibility. Martha had spent most of her life as a reporter, currently with CBS working on CBS Sunday Morning. Her life was filled with last minute travel, late nights and tight deadlines. She thought about it. And that was how Carol and Harry came into her life. Could Martha care for Harry when Carol was gone? Would the dogs even get along? Harry began to visit Minnie mostly at Martha’s home, first just for a short time or an outing together. Then, an overnight. Carol was sure this was the real deal, Martha withheld judgment. Harry required so much more care than Minnie! He needed two special foods, an array of medications, including one that needed to be encapsulated by Martha using a small capsule maker. Of course, Carol’s health declines, she has many friends who help her as she enters hospice care.
This is a wonderful story about unexpected friendship and the love we share with our dear pets. Don’t miss this tale of bittersweet joy.