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I'm trying to get more memoirs in my life, so when I heard about When Harry Met Minnie, by CBS correspondent Martha Teichner, I jumped at the chance to read it! What made it even more desirable, was that it was about dogs, and… well…. I love dogs! 

We start this book by meeting Minnie, a Bull Terrier dog owned by Martha. Minnie was having a lot of difficulty, because her canine companion, Goose, had recently passed away, and she was lonely without the friendship. Martha loosely put out feelers, searching for an older, male bull terrier, to help fill that gap left by Goose's death.

Enter Harry… Harry's owner, Carol, is dying of cancer. Carol was extremely concerned about what would happen to Harry after her death, since he was high needs (many MANY medical problems) and she was fearful that no one would be able to take him. They were connected by a friend of a friend, and the ensuing courtship of Minnie and Harry (their words!) and the friendship forged by Martha and Carol will warm your heart. 

While to story will warm your heart, it is not all rainbows and unicorns. There are sad parts, and happy parts. This story made me laugh (as a fellow terrier owner, I know many of the traits of his group that Martha talks about!) and it made me cry. Honestly, not everything ends happily in this story, but it will warm your heart in the telling of it.

This book, while definitely written on the premise of a dog story, is truly a friendship story. Martha and Carol don't know each other, and in a few short months, forge an intense relationship themselves. This story is about them as well. Their relationship is also a highlight of the book… Getting to know Carol, through Martha's eyes was well worth the read.

This book was heartwarming and special. I am trying to read more memoirs, and this one was a fabulous one to read. I was entertained and engaged the whole time. A big complaint that I have about memoirs is that I'll get engaged in a topic, and then the author will shift gears and talk about something that I'm less interested in. I was engaged in Minnie and Harry's story throughout, and the story was told in such a linear fashion it was easy to follow and engage with. I loved their story, and I'm sure (as a dog lover) it will stay with me for a long time.