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Loved Harry and Minnie

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Thank you to Celadon Books for sending my a physical copy in the mail one day. I love getting surprise books in the mail and this was no different. :) ESPECIALLY books about animals...even more so when they are about animal human relationships. When I read the synopsis, I knew that it wouldn't necessarily end well but I dived in like I had no idea. And I can't tell you how much this book touched my almost makes it hurt all over again as I am writing this. Essentially, the book is about how two bull terrier lovers came together even though they were complete strangers at the time. Martha and Minnie were just going about their business one day when they learned of a fellow bull terrier lover who was in trouble...and by in trouble I mean she had a terminal disease and was trying to find a good home for her senior bull terrier. Martha contacted Carol to see what the story was and learned that Carol had cancer and she was desperately trying to find someone who could take on Harry through the rest of HIS they shared the same vet, it was easy to learn about the many issues Harry had. Most people would probably not take on a dog with so many health issues as we all know those can be expensive...especially for a stranger. Martha and Carol sort of date the dogs so they can get to know each other before the big day but things happen sooner than expected and Harry is thrust into full time life with Martha and Minnie. I was so sad he never got to see his human mommy again and he had no idea that that last goodbye really was the last goodbye. My heart really hurt after this book but you need to read a book like that every now and then, in my opinion. Life can't all be sunshine and roses. All in all, I really liked this book and as it made me laugh and cry, it got a 5 star rating :) My only wish would be that it had some pictures thrown in...I was looking up Carol and the dogs throughout :)