Love from cover to cover

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The cover sucked me in. As a lover of all things NYC, I knew that this was a book deserving of my time. I wasn’t wrong. Each page, each line, was so beautifully thought out. Each chapter wonderfully named. I love how Martha took us from the very beginning of her relationship with Carol, to the sweet ending of the book.

Martha wrote as if she were telling her story to a friend. She wrote with feeling, she wrote with love. I loved all of Minnie’s and Harry’s antics. Having never had a BT, I didn’t know how stubborn they could be, but I guess it’s right in the name. In her descriptions of Harry and Minnie, I could picture their resistance to go for a walk. I could see their stubborn little bodies holding their ground on a crowded New York City sidewalk.

I wanted to be Carol’s friend. Clearly everyone wanted that. But I also wanted to be Martha’s and Stephen’s and I wanted to share in the love for Minnie and Harry. And isn’t that what any author wants? For you to fall in love with their words.