I absolutely loved it

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There are not a lot of books that leave me speechless but with this one it has. It is so good that I can’t find enough words to describe how good it is.
I love the adorable picture on the cover and how it is about real life and the fact that dogs make the biggest difference in our everyday lives. I also loved how you could easily tell how much Harry and Minnie are loved and how they played a huge role in the lives of their owners and people that they meet.
It’s absolutely amazing and wonderful that I have gotten the chance to read this book. As I stated earlier I am speechless because this book is so good I don’t think that I would find the right words to describe how this book had me thinking as I was reading it. I was happy, sad, excited, etc. All good things. I would highly recommend reading this book and seeing for yourself how good it is. I can’t say enough how GOOD this book is.