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Okay .. so I am a sucker for stories (especially true ones) about coincidence and unexpected meaningful connections. Throw in a couple of super cute doggies and I am a goner!

This is the true story of Martha and her Bull Terrier, Minnie, and how their lives intersect with those of a woman named Carol and her dog of the same breed named Harry.

The location is New York City and I felt like I could see, hear and feel the atmosphere around me as I read. It made me hope to see the Farmer’s Market at Union Square at some point in my life!

Whether you are a sappy person like me or not, I can assure you that this story will touch your heart and have you smiling through some tears at some points.

I would recommend this book to those enjoy books with the themes I mentioned at the beginning of the review. And also to those who love animals and stories about how much they truly enrich our lives as humans.