Four friends will have your heart wagging

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What a sweet story of friendship - both between humans and dogs. Although it is a sweet story that centers around love, it also deals with loss as well.
It was amazing to me that in a city as huge and impersonal as New York, that there are still communities that bring people together and allow them to connect with strangers. The odds of Carol and Martha connecting were one in a million, but "fate" brought them, and Harry and Minnie, together.
You always hear about how people come into your life, sometimes for a lifetime, sometimes for a season. This friendship was for a short season, but how profound for it to happen just when these four needed each other the most.
I wasn't familiar with the author from TV, but reading this story and seeing how well she writes, it is no surprise that she's had a decades long career in journalism. I will have to make sure to watch her sometime on TV.