Dogs and People: A Story of Love and Friendship

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My thanks to NetGalley and Celadon Books for the opportunity to read and review When Harry Met Minnie.

When I started reading When Harry Met Minnie and even upon initially finishing it, I thought it to be a simple and beautiful book. Then, in preparation to writing this review, I outlined all of the themes I found in the book, I realized that, even thought it is simply and beautifully written, there are layer upon layer upon layer of meaning in this book.

On the surface, it is the true story of two older career women who are devoted dog owners brought to a friendship by a chance encounter of one of the women with a friend of the other woman. It is also the story of the friendship and devotion that develops between the two dogs who own these women. And it is also the story of an individual and her friends, both human and canine, facing the end of a terminal illness and moving on from that.

Peeling back the layers, the reader learns about friendship, commitment, the pull of modern life, aging and illness, being open to new experiences and people, suffering and dignity, death and grief, and legacy; not only among humans but within the dog world.

The author, Martha Teichner, is a television journalist based in New York who has traveled and lived all over the world for her long and illustrious career. I appreciated her clear journalistic style and could see her Midwestern roots coming through in her common sense style. Although I have never visited New York City, I felt the flavor of the great city come through in every chapter.

This book sits alongside Tuesdays with Morrie for humans and Lucy and the Octopus for our pets. I highly recommend it to anyone, but most especially to dog owners.

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