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So i'm just going to start by saying i didn't actually receive this book, it probably got lost somewhere. Anyhow i never got to read it but heres my opinion on some of the stuff that I WOULD THINK happened. If this was anything like the other cute dog related books i've read, its cute and some really great happy scenes somehow cause you to cry yet stay smiling if you know what i mean.

It showed a pretty relationship between the pet/dog and is pretty bittersweet at times. I do love dogs although i don't own one because i can't. These seems like a book i would've loved reading. Since it's already published, i might try getting my hands on a finished print copy.

UPDATE: i did get my hands on a digital copy from somewhere so kindly disregard the first paragraph of my review 😅. I absolutely love how it's written and it kind of weaved into you. it does have a unique writing style that i've never seen before which i find pretty cool.