Deeply Moving

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When Harry Met Minnie is a memoir of loss and love and of the mysterious ways that a beloved pet can bring people together.

CBS Sunday Morning correspondent and multi Emmy winning journalist Martha Teichner enjoys taking her dogs for a early morning walk around New York City. Shortly after the loss of her beloved dog Goose, Martha is offered the opportunity to provide a house for the dog of a woman who is dying of cancer.

Harry is Bull Terrier and the same breed of dog as Martha's grieving dog Minnie. At first Martha is apprehensive about taking in an older dog with lots of health problems and shes concerned about how Minnie and Harry will get along so she and Harry's owner set up a playdate.

Carol Fertig is Harry's owner and shes a funny, smart and dynamic woman. Soon Martha and Carol become friends, just as Harry and Minnie are too becoming friends.

When Harry Met Minnie is less about two dogs and more about two women becoming friends and how the grief of impending loss can make a friendship stronger.

I truly enjoyed this book. It was a heartbreaking and sweet read. And I highly recommend this book.