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Cute story

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This story intrigued me from the start. I mean this cover is sooooo dang cute! I live a good story about a dog. And this one nailed it. It was such a light hearted just good hearted read for me. I enjoyed the narrative story of a person coming together with a dog and them rescuing each other. It's something you need to read and hear and just be happy about in this crazy world we live in right now. Dogs make up a family in my opinion and they are just so much more than a dog. This story was one huge example of how and the why. It's about love, loss and friendship that you can find from a dog and a dog from a human. Overall I really enjoyed this book. So thank you so much bookish first for letting me read and review this book early. I can't wait to recommend this book to anyone looking for a good hearted read that has a cute pooch or two in it. Definitely a great read for me!