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This was a cute read for sure, but the focus being on the dogs was a bit far-fetched for me. I appreciate the dogs bringing them together, but the framing of the novel and what it was based on made me pine for the typical romance more than the story about the pets. That being said, I recognize this is what I was getting into with this novel, so it was perhaps my own doing when it came to selecting this book.

It is well-written, and I would recommend it to friends who knew what they were getting into.

THAT all being said –– Martha's reflection on how each person impacts our lives gave me a very real Mitch Albom vibe – specifically his novel titled "The Five People You Meet in Heaven", which is one of my favorites. This element of the book propelled me forward until the very end and I appreciated her insight, as it constantly left me thinking – about my own life both past and present.