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amazing book!!! must read!!!

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I absolutely loved this adorable dog romance novel that had many amazing life lessons placed throughout and that they fit into the rest of the plot seamlessly. Carol, an older woman suffering from cancer, wants to rehome her dog, Harry, because she is dying and she wants him to live a great life, not in shelters or on the street. She then meets Martha, another woman who has the same kind of dog as her. Martha’s dog is named Minnie, Harry and Minnie go to the same vet, so that is how the women and the dogs meet. Martha starts to realize she wants to take care of Harry when Carol dies so they starting testing out or “dating” the dogs to make sure they behave with each other. But, Carol’s problems escalate quickly and she must give Harry to Martha much earlier than expected. I think that fans of Tuesday’s with Morris would love this book as it deals with loss in close to the same way.