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A Touching Narrative on Friendship and Dogs

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When Harry Met Minnie is a real life fairytale with romance, friendship, and some magic at being in the right place at the right. Martha Teichner, CBS Sunday Morning News Correspondent, writes a story centered around her beloved bull terrier, Minnie. A while after losing her other older bull terrier, Minnie and Martha are still grieving. Martha hopes to find a companion for Minnie (not an easy task with a dog as princess-like as her). It is through the unique relationship between morning dog walkers in New York, particularly among those who also have bull terriers, that makes for a fateful encounter. Martha runs into an old acquaintance who has a friend named Carol dying of cancer with an older bull terrier, Harry, she is trying to find a home for. Martha is asked to consider giving Harry a new home. Martha and Carol get in contact and arrange a series of dates between the dogs, Harry and Minnie, to see if they get along, it quickly evolves to a courtship between the dogs and a friendship between the two women.

Through the heartbreaking progression of Carol's cancer, the bond between the two friends deepens as they share their complicated lives and great love of bull terriers. With the grief and stress of life, there were still plenty of moments to marvel at the endearing and funny dog moments. This was a very touching narrative that moves you to laugh and cry. Martha offers wisdom and advice about how when we open our hearts to chance encounters there is so much that can be found and learned from other people and their stories. I highly recommend this book and found it a wonderful read. As you read it, you can't help but appreciate more of the details of Harry and Minnie on the cover.