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A story for dog lovers everywhere

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This book fills your heart to bursting.

I read this book as I was preparing to go stay with my dad for a week in a hospital room as he got some particularly nasty chemo. I had loved the sample chapters, but had gone back and forth on requesting a copy, worrying it might be too sad. It wasn't. It was a beautiful celebration of life and friendship and doggie love, and it was perfect.

Martha Teichner, the author, is a CBS correspondent living in New York City when an acquaintance at a farmer's market approaches her. He knows she has bull terriers, and wonders if she'd take on another: Harry, a full-grown dog with numerous medical problems. He introduces her to Carol, a designer who's been diagnosed with terminal cancer caused by 9/11. The two women bond over their common love of bull terriers and become fast friends, bringing Martha into Carol's inner circle for her last few months.

The portrayal of friendships in this book were beautiful. All these people came together to love and care for Carol and celebrate her beautiful life. This was the kind of book that leaves you both happy and sad at the same time. This is perfect for dog lovers everywhere.

Thank you to BookishFirst and the publisher for the advance reading copy of this book.