A perfect friendship

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When Harry lost his mate, his owner went looking for another friend for him. Along came Minnie and of course her owner. Getting to know each other and how interesting each other was, became part of the story. Minnie and Harry became best of friends and the owners became friends also, How interesting each was, a news correspondent and a designer. The dogs taught them how be friends and enjoy each other. When Harry lost his owner, he and Minnie came to live together. Harry was the next to pass and Minnie lived a bit after, mustering up the strength to carry on. Harry and Minnie taught their owners about friendship, about letting go and about finding friends among those that we may have nothing in common with. This story has an underlying premise of kindness and what our world needs most of all at this time is kindness. Find friendship in unlikely places, enjoy others and most of all take nothing for granted.