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A moving memoir about friendships, love and loss

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A moving memoir about love, loss, sacrifice and friendship. Set in New York, two women form a beautiful friendship over their mutual love for the bull terrier dog breed.

Strolling through a farmers market one day with her beloved dog Minnie, Martha Teichner is approached by an old acquaintance looking for help for his friend Carol. He explains that Carol is terminally ill and desperately needs to find a loving home for her dog, Harry. Harry unfortunately comes with his own baggage, ranging from health issues to behavioral issues and as it's explained to Martha, he will most likely end up euthanized if she doesn't agree to take him. Martha had no way of knowing just how much her life would change when she took Harry in to live with her. A beautiful and tender relationship quickly blossomed between her and Carol, one in which the reader wished it would have lasted forever. Not only did the women form an unbreakable bond, so did Harry and Minnie. Their love for each other evident in their interactions, Harry and Minnie were inseparable.

At the end of the book, Carol had passed on and left a devastating hole in the hearts of all that loved her. Harry continued to live a happy life until he also became terminally ill and passed away. Through it all, Martha remained thankful that her life had become intertwined with both Carol and Harry, even through the difficult and grief filled moments.

Written in a such a beautiful way, the author was able to poignantly portray relationships, grief, love and loss.