A memoir that will touch your heart.

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I was in love from the beginning with these Bull Terriers and their Moms, Martha and Carol. Owners and Masters sound so harsh to use with this loving group. Harry and Minnie have such personalities What a wonderful ,heartwarming to heart wrenching beautiful tribute. This is a story, a memoir of how two Bull Terriers brought together two women to form a strong friendship of love and support. Martha has Minnie and Carol has Harry, both dogs have some special needs. Carol has terminal cancer and is in the process, with her friend, Stephen, looking for a good home with someone who will love and take care of Harry after she passes. Martha as it turns out is the perfect candidate. Through meetings in getting their dogs comfortable with each other we see the bonds of love and friendship beginning to form. It is a truly wonderful story that will make you laugh and yes make you cry. This is five plus read!