A Heartfelt Memoir

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Have you ever read a book that resonated with you in such a profound way that you walked away feeling understood?

“Memories are our true remains, to be treasured, to be shared, to dim, and eventually to be lost, when no one is left to remember.”

While reading WHEN HARRY MET MINNIE, there were so many moments when I felt recognized not only as a dog mom/dog lover, but also as the owner of an American Pitbull Terrier. Yes, they are different than Bull Terriers, but there are so many similarities in behavior. In the first chapter, Teichner compares walking her dog to “waterskiing" or "chariot driving”, stating that she “accompanied him”, and not the other way around. Furthermore, Teichner references her childhood in Northern Michigan, and her descriptions of Traverse City, Lake Michigan and Sleeping Bear Dunes immediately reminded me of my time spent there.

It’s apparent that Teichner’s friendship with Carol was life-changing, and I love that the idea of the book blossomed from her desire to share Carol’s story. When it was revealed that Carol’s cancer stemmed from the 9/11 attacks, my heart dropped to my stomach. I realized that there are countless more casualties (and growing) than those that lost their lives the day of. I am so grateful that Teichner decided to share this story, as reading it felt like sitting in a room with the two of them while they regaled in their life experiences. There is true power in the love, friendships and connections we have with others, and to Teichner’s point, you never know when a chance encounter may end up feeling like fate.