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A happy dog story

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Monday’s are for mini reviews !
When Harry Met Minnie is a take on one of my fave rom coms When Harry Met Sally 😍. But it’s even better because it’s a dog story! What more can a girl ask for 😂this story follows the lives of early morning dog walkers in the city. Martha takes in Harry a bull terrier like her sweet girl Minnie after his owner dies as a result of 9/11. 😢 I think anyone in the tri state area knows how deep the impact of 9/11 was on all of our lives. I know I’ll never forget where I was then. Anyway the two dogs fall in love much like Martha forms a connection with Harry’s owner Carol. It’s sweet and sad and happy and heart warming all in one 💕. Thank you Bookish First for the gifted copy! This is available for sale February 2nd 2021. It has love, dogs, friendship, drama and so much more. It was such a dynamic and heart warming story. Perfect for the holidays!