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A Canine Love

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If you want to laugh and don't mind crying just a bit then this is a book for you.
The very sweet, touching and highly emotional story of Harry and Minnie's relationship touched my heart deeply.

Centered around one dying woman's love for her dog and waiting a good home for him after she's gone she finds through a mutual friend a woman like her that has Minnie and may offer a home to Harry when she's gone.

Through the mutual needs of both women Harry and Minnie meet and embark on developing their relationship, as this grows for both canines so does the relationship of the two women, cementing a deep and strong, loving friendship that will outlive the lifetime human existence.

I loved this so much and the story is very relatable to me, touching on some very personal experiences. I would give this a 5 plus star rating if that was possible. A must read heart-warmer for the year.

Thank you to the publisher's at Celadon Books for the free ARC of this book. In return I am sharing my honest review.