A bittersweet tale of friendships

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When Harry Met Minnie is a nice little true story of how a friendship can come to us when we least expect it. Author Martha Teichner agrees to take a bull terrier (Harry) with multiple issues into her home with a bull terrier (Minnie) with problems of her own. What adds layers to this story is that Carol, owner of Harry, is dying of cancer. The book is a bittersweet narration of how this all unfolds and, while the ending is pretty much known from the beginning, there is still so much to learn in these two unusual friendships, between the two women and between the two dogs, who perhaps form a better friendship than the humans. We also have some good insights into how we learn to adapt and come to terms with life with its beauties and its tough times. I found the passage about letting go of those private personal things we accumulate, our talismans, to be particularly thought provoking. While it may leave a bit of a lump in a reader's throat, the final feeling is one of hope and optimism.