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A Beautiful Story Of Pets And Friendship

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Thank you to Celadon Books for giving me an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. When Harry Met Minnie is a well-written and joyful story about how a chance encounter at a New York City farmers market resulted in Martha Teichner meeting a dying woman, Carol Fertig, and adopting her bull terrier Harry. Martha's bull terrier Minnie had been very lonely after the passing of her older bull terrier buddy. Martha had been thinking about finding her a friend for a while. She meets Carol who is dying from cancer which had resulted from exposure to toxic chemicals from the 9/11 attacks. Carol is very worried about what will happen to Harry when she is gone. Because of his health problems and idiosyncrasies, he is not an easy dog to rehome. As she spends time with Carol, so the dogs can meet to assess compatibility, a beautiful friendship results. Martha wishes she had known Carol for years, instead of the short three months they had together. Carol was a talented designer and had a real gift for friendship and bringing people together. This is an thoughtful account of bull terriers and their funny quirks, the human animal bond, friendship and dying with dignity. I admired Carol's ability to keep her sense of humor during the most uncomfortable and painful moments of her illness. When Harry Met Minnie is also a New York and 9/11 story. It is a heartrending and powerful memoir.
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