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when harry met minnie by martha teichner, which comes out february 2, 2021, is about a memoir about an inspiring story about a friendship that started through dog walking and a love for dogs. it looks like it could be heartbreaking and might require some tissues!
This was a highly emotional read for me. For those who have fought the fight with cancer or those who have lost their beloved fur-babies, this will be a hard read. It's so real and so raw but also full of hope and times of happiness. It's an honest look at the end stages of cancer and makes you consider those four legged (or less) family members who may be left behind when you go.

Though heart wrenching, I am thankful to have received this emotional memoir from Celadon Books. Sometimes we need reminders that life is short and your calling card can come at any time. Spend time with all of those that you love and don't let the daily grind make you forget how to live in the moment.