Wise Words

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There are many aspects of Ms. Oshman’s book that are worth contemplating at any age. One that resonated strongly with me is the idea of having a purpose in life. Replace fears you might have by figuring out what is meaningful in your life. Why are you here? It’s been shown that people live longer when they have purpose in their lives. Many times that involves caring for another human being or caring for our earth. Taking action in a positive way and moving toward a purpose will help one move away from fear.

Michal Oshman gave examples of how the ideas she practices in her daily life would benefit places of business as well as families as well as just people in their everyday life. One of these ideas she described as taking up less space yourself and giving others more space. In other words, give others a chance to excel, listen to others and do less talking yourself, truly see others and care about them. Incorporate the practice of showing gratitude, giving compliments, and positive feedback to others and teach this to your children.

All of Ms. Oshman’s advice is presented with good examples and questions at the end of each chapter to reflect upon and apply to your own life. Many will be quite familiar with the ideas she espouses depending upon ones stage in life or what a person’s profession has been. There is certainly value here for all, however, no matter whether some of the concepts are new ones or ones a person finds value in having reinforced or reviewed.

I thank DK London through Penguin Random House and BookishFirst for my advanced copy of this book.