Liked This Too Much

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This was a really insightful book. When I saw that it was under the self-help category I was a little iffy about starting this book. Was so happy to find out that this book is not a typical self help book that is in your face and making you judge yourself. It is based on true stories from the writers life- and offered the solutions that worked best for her when overcoming life’s obstacles. It made me think into my own Jewish heritage and how I approach certain situations. Being around the same age as the author I was able to relate to certain time periods of her life. Her writing makes me feel like I have a friend telling me about herself.

She really digs deep into herself and her Jewish heritage to offer a different outlook on dealing with everyday situations (i.e job issues, heartache, loss, parenting etc.)

Her way of writing is smooth and enjoyable. I would definitely read something else written by this author.