Good "self-help" book

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"Self-help" type books are usually not my thing at all, but I decided to give What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid? a chance. I really enjoyed how she mixed in the Jewish Wisdom. I am not Jewish, so this was all brand new information for me. I appreciated the wisdom and I truly loved how it applied to what she was trying to explain. I enjoyed how she took her experiences at top company's such as TikTok Europe and Facebook, shared those experiences and made them relatable for the reader. This book was very insightful and it was truly a quick read. While it was a quick/enjoyable read, the ideas portrayed in What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid is not a quick fix for your life. It is more ideas that you can weave into your own life and work on every single day to over time create a better life for yourself. The only negative that I had for the book is that I felt that at the core of the book, it is very similar to other self help books; but that could honestly be just because I am typically not a fan of self-help books.