An Empowering Woman's Journey to not be Afraid

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A point in this book took me back to when I read Night by Elie Wiesel in school. There are 2 reasons for this, 1) because she is Jewish and her grandparents experienced the holocaust 2) her experience with soup. While reading Night in school we talked about how the prisoners were given soup and that soup meant death to them. It was sad because today many people view soup as comfort but for those prisoners in the camp, the soup no longer gave them comfort. So that reminded me of that book when she says because her grandmother had so much PTSD from the camps that she forced her to eat soup so she wouldn't starve, that today Michal can't eat soup to this day.

I like how she expresses her experiences with anxiety and how it affected her. I wasn't really interested in this book until I started reading it. She has so much experience with being in successful industries but also shows her struggles. This book will be very inspirational in her success even with the difficulties.

I love the cover. You can tell from her face features and posture that she is a strong woman and is confident in herself. She looks like she could do anything. Love the design and how it is simple yet tells so much.