Nice and Creepy!

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Wow, I haven't read anything quite like this before.
It was the right amount of creepy and twisted. the setting was perfect: a secluded house, woods surrounding the house, a tiny town that kept its distance. I found the "monsters" interesting and trying to puzzle out the relationships between the members of the family was complicated for sure.
The prologue grabbed me right away, it was a perfect way to draw the reader in and keep them reading. The author dangled many different juicy details at different points in the story that kept the reader enthralled.
The characters were unusual and I wanted to know more about them. It would have been great to see illustrations of the characters added to the book. I want to see what the author envisioned the characters looking like, the wolves, the sea creatures, and Arthur.

I think this will be something that gets picked up because its fresh style and the major creepy factors!