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Modern Gothic Masterpiece

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Eleanor Zarrin comes from a family of monsters, and after an incident at her boarding school, she's not sure if she's the scariest or the weakest. She flees the school to hide at home, where she no longer seems to fit in with her bloodthirsty family.

Eleanor arrives at a menacing castle that the Zarrins built a generation ago, where the woods aren't safe, filled with giant hunting wolves that she once called cousin, sister and grandfather. Her grandmother's convinced that the tarot cards show Eleanor's facing a choice: she can ruin or save them all. The only problem is, Eleanor has no idea what she's talking about. And no one seems to want to tell her the truth about anything.

This story will swallow you whole. The fabulously gothic setting, the monstrous characters, the cleverly layered mysteries - all perfection. It's both stunningly sinister and gloriously gruesome. A masterpiece of horror, where the true monsters are not who we expect them to be.