Horriffic and Beautiful

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What Big Teeth was a surprisingly excellent book! I was expecting a much more tame big bad wolf type of story. Boy was I wrong. What I found instead was a story that was full of horror, mystery, lust, longing, and even love.
The writing style immediately drew me in and I stayed glued to this book until I finished reading it. A good book gives you closure, but a great book will keep you wanting more. This is one of those great ones, because I am desperately hoping that there will be a sequel.
I love the verity of characters and I felt that each character was written with depth. There is an evolution of the family dynamic and I enjoyed the way that they come together in the end.
I think that there is much more to this world that Szabo has created and I would love to see where the Zarrin family ends up and who or what they will meet in the future. My fingers are crossed. I hope to see this family again!