YA Winters Bone

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This book reminded me a lot of Winters Bone as far as the story line goes. The premise: Jack Dahl finds himself in a bad situation after his mother dies, and he is left as the sole caretaker of his younger brother, Matty. Living in severe poverty in the Idaho winter, they find that their predicament is dire. Their father is in prison after he robbed someone long ago, and is thought to have murdered them. But Jack knows that his father got away with a lot of money - money they now need - he just doesn't know where his father hid it.

Meanwhile, Ava is a new girl who moves to town, and her father was involved in the robbery that Jack's father went to prison for. Together they set out to find the lost money in order to help Jack and his brother survive.

I liked this book in the beginning, but found it to be long and drawn out, and it kind of lost me around the 1/4 way point. There were a lot of incomplete descriptive sentences that I found annoying, and I just felt bored overall with the plot.