Sibling bond

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What had really caught my attention was the cover. The blue represents how you are going to feel during reading and the forest could mean confusion or conflict. This cover fit the story perfectly! We follow Jack our main character who now has to step up and take care of his brother Matty who he would do anything for. He wants to make sure Matty is well taken care of and doesn’t end up in the system. With the challenges Jack faces this path isn’t going to be easy. Jack is a character you tend to morn for and want to step into the story and hug him and say you are doing your best and everything will be alright in the end. Matty is innocent and looks up to Jack in amazement! Ava is a lost soul wanting to be rock for Jack and help him have some light in his situation while setting hers to the side. I felt these three characters were made for each other and impacted the story .