Pulls at all the emotions

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I truly loved this story and was rooting for Jack and his brother the whole time. This book definitely pulls at all of your emotions as Jack looses his mother in the beginning of the book and has to bury his mother in the backyard as he is afraid of losing his little brother to child protective services. Jack's family is poor that they barley have food to eat and no hot water or heat. Already you feel for these poor boys. Jack doesn't tell his brother that his mother is dead and son after Jack decides to ask his dad for help who is currently in jail. From there, Jack and his brother runs in to problem after problem. He is constantly having to run away from criminals who are now after him because of his dad. Jack gets injured after injury, but his will to go on and protect his brother is just incredible! I found myself numerous times just hoping that Jack will escape or get just a little further and found myself near tears many times while reading this book. There are not many books that I would read more than once, but this is one that I would.