My favorite book of the year

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What Beauty There Is will make you cry. It will make you sad and lonely. It will make you Love!

This book will bring out all of your feelings as you go on this emotional coming of age roller coaster. You will be broken by Jack and his little brother Matty when their mom kills herself and they are left alone in the world because their dad is in prison. Your soul will be crushed when you meet Ava and witness all the love and care she offers. You will hate her father. And the way he uses people as stepping stones with no refused for their lives. You will cheer for Doyle the town sheriff as he races to help these kids from a horrible fate. You will cry at the tender ending. And the whole story will fly by as you flip the books beautiful pages.

I was drawn to the book based on its gorgeous cover art. When I read the plot my soul jumped from my chest and my brain told me I had to read it. And both were equally correct. With themes similar to Romeo and Juliet if they were thrown into hate a greed, this emotional story will have you cheering, sneering, silent and emotional drained by the time you reach the ending. This is by far the best book I have read this year and I look forward to more books by Cory Anderson.