I loved this!

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I have only read a small section provided from BookishFirst so please take this review with a grain of salt!!

This was one of my most anticipated releases for the year. When I saw it on BookishFirst I was so stoked, unfortunately I didn’t win, but I still enjoyed the excerpt a lot!!

We follow Jack and Ava as they must decide if they should speak up and do the right thing or stay silent and keep it to themselves.

I really love this cover. That’s part of the reason why I have been wanting to read this one so badly. (Yes I’m judging this book by it’s cover, it’s stunning!)

I really enjoyed how this story was written. I think it was full of fun and enjoyment. I had a really good time reading what was provided.

I’m dying to know how this story ends and would like to read more so badly!!

I would recommend this, but since I haven’t read it all, I really can’t just yet!