Heartwrenching but beautiful story

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Wow what beauty this book is and heart wrenching. I knew this was going to pull at my heartstrings, but I didn't know how deeply attached I was going to feel about these characters. What Beauty There Is follows Jack who has had such a horrible life and now he is looking after his little brother Matty. Their mother is dead and their father is in prison. He decides to use the stolen money his father had to help keep him and Matty alive. Our other main character Ava happens to be the daughter of a killer who is out for the money Jack has. Ava and Jack befriend each other, but how far is Jack willing to go to keep him and his little brother safe? How far is Ava willing to go to betray her father and keep her new friends alive and well?

This was a deeply emotional, and heartbreaking book. I cried for Jack and for Ava. I felt myself becoming so sad that I had to stop reading at points because this book was very dark. Even though this didn't have a lot of light and was mainly a horribly sad book it did have love. The love Jack had for his brother and the love Ava had for them. I really loved this and I didn't realize this was the start to a series, so I am excited to see where it goes!