Great read

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This was a great, fast paced read, a well told story, with great descriptions, which put you right there with the characters. A powerful story of young boys pitted against the evil in their world. The brutal cold it was set in almost felt like it was happening to you as you read - get a blanket! And the characters, they are beautiful, and they are heartbreaking. It was hard to put down, not knowing what the future held for the two boys next. Cheering them on through so much, wondering what would happen to them and where their choices would lead them. The oldest, Jack, wise beyond his years just would not give up, and protected his sweet little brother at all costs, a true hero. You could feel his exhaustion to keep going when so much was in his way. An unexpected relationship along the way is a sweet surprise. I can't say too much more without giving something away. Read it for yourself.